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Moo February 21, 2008

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If you get to know my mom for more than, oh, 5 minutes, she’s bound to lapse into stories of my childhood.  One of her very favorite stories to recount is how, as a toddler, I loved me some chicken legs.  In fact I’d gnaw on them till the every last speck of meat had disappeared.  This quite honestly gives me the willies nowadays, but apparently as I child I was quite the carnivore. 

Somewhere between toddlerhood and junior high I developed a serious dislike of most meats.   (Except pig, but we’ve gone over that one before.)  My main aversion was anything that came with a bone in it—chicken legs, ribs, bone-in steaks, you get the picture.  But a very close second was Cow.  I just really don’t care for beef.  People used to gasp as I covered “perfectly good” steaks in ketchup just so I could get them down.  So I eventually gave up my meat-liking charade and stuck with what did sound good to me—fish, veggies and heavily sauced/disguised chicken.  And I would like to think this diet has served me well.  I mean, I’ll never have to fret over whether to give up red meat because of it’s ill effects on my health.  And no doctor has every said, “P, you really should try to get more fish in your diet.” 

But…there is perhaps one beef dish that I really, really enjoy:  French Dips.  Mmmm-mm-m-m-m-m-MMMMM!  I didn’t discover the only real way I could enjoy Cow until after I was married.  After a months worth of repeats, I asked The Hubby if there was anything he’d like me to try out.  He first suggested buffalo wings, I think.  But after one whack of a cleaver into the joint that separates the wing from the leg-part-thing and I was done.  The Hubby had to finish making that dish, if I recall correctly.  Then he suggested a French Dip.  Never having this dish growing up, I wasn’t sure (a) what all the excitement was about, or (b) how I’d go about making one.  AllRecipes came to my rescue and I discovered one of the easiest crockpot dinners I’ve ever attempted.  Plus it is so, so yummy.  And that’s coming from the lady who doesn’t care that much for Cow. 

This recipe is similar to the Stroganoff in that you really can adjust the seasonings to fit your desired flavor.  The “coverage” suggestions below are what The Hubby and I like.

French Dip with Au Ju

~2.5 pounds of rump roast (Yes, I know.  I managed to like one of the most disgusting portions of the Cow.)
Onion Powder (medium coverage)
Garlic Powder (medium coverage)
Lowry’s Season Salt (light coverage)
1 can of Campbell’s beef stock/consomme
1 can of Campbell’s french onion soup
8 cracked wheat buns

Place the roast in a large crockpot.  Sprinkle with spices.  Pour soups over roast.  Cover and cook on low for up to 8 hours or until thoroughly cooked.  Butter buns and toast in 250 oven until warmed.  Remove roast and cut into thin slices.  Pour au ju from crockpot into small bowls and serve with sandwiches.

In my experience not all crockpots are created equal.  So keep an eye on this one the first time you make it to ensure that it isn’t over cooked.


2 Responses to “Moo”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I thought I was the only almost-vegetarian out there who was grossed out by meat but nor for any particularly ethical reason. 😉 Bacon. Yum. Ground beef all spiced up in a taco or something. Maybe I can do that. Maybe a chicken breast with yummy sauce. Okay. Anything on a bone? Blech!

    I know where I get it from. My folks thought we could save some money by raising our own meat. Both chicken and beef. Luckily they didn’t have a pig or I might not be able to enjoy a good BLT! One animal at a time and we gave them names and played with them everyday. And then one day they’d be gone. Since the, I pretty much don’t eat meat any more. 🙂

  2. slightlycheaperthantherapy Says:

    Ohmigosh! You poor thing! I can’t imagine eating my pets. No wonder you’re not that into meat!!

    Glad you’re enjoying my cooking adventures, and I’m especially glad you can still enjoy (as Homer calls it) that “wonderful, magical animal.” 🙂

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