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OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 14, 2007

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Confectional Logo 

I love cheesecake.  I love it like Harry loved Sally.  Like Dolly loves her boobs.  Like Pauly Shore loves bad scripts.  It is the absolute perfect dessert for several reasons, but mainly because it uses cheese  and it’s a delightful combination of sweet and savory.  You know that vicious sweet-salty-sweet-salty cycle that inevitably occurs after good meals?  Cheesecake takes care of that.  It smacks that cycle around like a red-headed step child and sends it running in the other direction.  Take that vicious cycle!

All my life I have, for the most part, been content with plane-jane cheesecakes.  Why reinvent the wheel?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…and on and on and on.  But then, while visiting Seattle this summer, my whole cheesecake world got turned upside down.  We were spending the afternoon roaming through Pike Place Market watching fish fly and smelling the gorgeous blooms, when I stumbled across The Confectional–a store devoted entirely to cheesecake and all its glorious forms.  It was like the mothership was calling me home.  And the choices!  Oh the choices!  Carmel…lemon…white chocolate…mocha…It was agony, indeed.  Finally the salesperson, whether charmed by my amazement or annoyed by my indecision I’ll never know, convinced me that the Lemon White Chocolate was the perfect cake for me.  And oh my gawd was she right.  It was heaven manifested in food form.  I was hooked and had to talk myself out of buying one of each mini-cake and immediately devouring the whole lot.  But I did manage to talk the Hubby into fighting PPM traffic before we returned to TX just so I could get another mini-cake. 

Mini-Cake Tray

Fast forward 4 cheesecake deprived months to today and what should I get in my inbox but an email from The Confectional.  I figured it was probably one of those “don’t forget to pick up your holiday cheesecake!” emails.  But it was better.  They just announced that they’ve started shipping orders to those of us in the rest of the continental US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you know what this means???  I can have my Lemon White Chocolate Cheesecake (and all the other delicious varieties) any old time I want!  I’ve already got plans for my T-Day desserts, and I think it might be too late to order for that anyway.  But Christmas.  Man oh man am I going to be in cheesecake heaven.  (AHEM:  Hubby take note). 

Check out their site (linked above) and most definitely order some of their wonderful cheesy, sugary goodness.  I swear on all the cheesecakes I have ever eaten and have yet to eat, you will LOVE their goodies.

 Oh and if you’re wondering, the photo of me that pops up when I leave comments is me underneath The Confectional’s sign at Pike Place Market.  :o)


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  1. […] sauce.”  He says this about everything, including some of my soups.  He loves sauce like I love cheesecake.  You get the picture.  But much to my surprise he really, really liked this one.  Shows you how […]

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