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In lieu of SHF #36 October 22, 2007

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This weekend I was supposed to be working on my Sugar High Friday #36 concoction:  Caramel Apple Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce.  Then I stumbled across a very cute (see the picture above) and worthy blogging event that immediately trumped SHF #36.  As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Marye at Apron Strings & Simmering Things has gone a step further in raising awareness by creating The Boobie Bake Off.  She’s even got a nifty click-and-donate campaign going on to help raise some cash too.  The rules:  Bake something pink and blog about it by October 31.  It costs $1 to vote on the best Boobie Bake Off concoction, and all the money raised will be donated in the name of the winning baker. 

We all have our own causes that we like to champion and this one is especially personal for me.  In her early 30s, my aunt battled and beat breast cancer.  However, my grandmother was not so successful in her battle with ovarian cancer.  It took her from us at the young age of 45.  I was not aware of this until a few years ago, but there’s sort of a triple threat that runs in families.  If your family has faced the trifecta of breast, ovarian, and colon cancers you have a very high risk of getting some form of it yourself.  Luckily we’ve only been faced with two out of the three and, therefore, I am not in the highest risk group.  Yay!!  Still, I feel compelled to help spread the word and raise funds for cancer research whenever I can.  I believe with my heart of hearts that this is a curable disease.  We’ve just got to keep searching for a cure and keep educating people about the early warning signs. 

 Do your part this month by checking out Apron Strings’ fantastic blogging event.  If you feel compelled, even donate a little to breast cancer research while you’re at it. 

 Strawberry Jello Cake

1 Box of Duncan Hines Golden Vanilla cake mix with pudding
3 T flour
1 c. vegetable oil
1/2 c. water
4 eggs
1 small package of strawberry Jello
1 10oz. container of frozen sweetened strawberries in juice, divided into 6 oz and 4 oz.

Mix cake mix, flour, oil, water and eggs well.  Add jello and 6 oz. of strawberries and juice and mix well.  Pour into a bundt pan and bake for about 35-45 minutes or until an inserted tooth pick comes out clean.  Allow to cool completely.


1/2 stick of butter, melted and cooled
remaining 4 oz. of strawberries and juice
2-3 c. powdered sugar 

Combine all ingredients, adding sugar in 1 c. incriments until desired consistency is reached.  Pour over cake and serve.



3 Responses to “In lieu of SHF #36”

  1. marye Says:

    yummy! Thanks for participating..I look forward to posting the pictures and links next week! Theya re all amazing.

  2. […] at Slightly Cheaper Than Therapy came up with this strawberry jello bundt cake that is awesome. Great […]

  3. Belinda Says:

    Oooohhh…looks and sounds delicious! I LOVE strawberry cakes. And the pink is just so pretty. Great job! 🙂

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