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Cookie Dilemma September 27, 2007

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When I started this blog, my only goals were to:  1.  record the adventures I have in my kitchen and 2. bring you guys (all 10 of you!!) the best recipes that I’ve had the good luck to stumble across, along with a few of my own creation.

 Tonight I am making one of my very favorite cookies and I am absolutely dying to pass on this recipe.  My problem?  I got it from one of those stingy recipe hoarders.  If your name is Kraft or Sara Lee or Mrs. Fields, by all means keep those recipes of yours a secret.  But unless you plan on making millions off of your super secret cookie recipe, you really should do yourself a karmic favor and share the love.  So  hand ’em over already. 

Anyway, god only knows what prompted this person to give me this recipe, but she did.  (YAY!)  But when she sent it to me via her husband, he made the comment, “Don’t spread this around.”  And when her daughter found out that I had gotten my hands on it she remarked, “Wow!  How’d you manage that??”  So my problem is…do I share this recipe or not?  It goes against all my ideas of fairness not to share it, but I’m a good little cook and usually do what I’m told.  Morals v. fairness…one would think these two would go hand in hand, but today they momentarily part ways. 

So you guys get to decide; thus absolving me of any wrong doing.  See how I did that?  Nice, huh?  Vote in the comments and if the majority think I should ante up, I’ll post tomorrow.  Otherwise all you’ll get are tantalizing pictures. 


3 Responses to “Cookie Dilemma”

  1. ash Says:

    i have a recipe like that. its a family recipe for the most delicious chocolate cake you’ll ever eat… i can’t bring myself to post it online though. i’m curious about your cookies though 😉

  2. tara Says:

    i’m tempted to say ante up because i really want to check it out but that little voice in the back of my mind tells me that one day i might be the one who is so hesitant to share a family recipe….dilemmas!

  3. Maggie Says:

    You could just share it with one of your very dear baking buddies, who might also have a food blog. You can’t really control what that other person does with it, say possibly post it on her or his site, but you really only shared it with one other person. Then everyone would get a chance to see and try it, no secrets are kept, and you really didn’t “spread it around.”

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