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A year ago yesterday… September 12, 2007

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On September 10, 2006, I married the silliest man on the planet.  He also happens to be one of the most handsome too, but his most defining characteristic is his silliness.  And I love it.  He will undoubtedly be the reason I’ll need a facelift in 20 years–the laugh lines will just be way too deep for a woman under 50.  But he’s already agreed to pay for my “touch-ups”, so I don’t fret over it too much. 

But in all seriousness, my husband is my favorite.  I tell him this all the time, and his usual reply is “that’s good.”  I always feel the need to explain further, so I tell him, “No really.  You’re my favorite thing ever.  Even above cheese.”  To which he smiles this big, silly, kid-who-just-found-out-ice-cream-is-for-dinner smile and it absolutely melts my heart.

This being our first anniversary, we do what all newlyweds do:  we eat year-old carbs that have been slowly dehydrating in our freezer.  Lucky for us a friend (who will be getting a nice thank you note and some baked goodies very soon) went to great pains to seal up the top tier of our cake, so it actually wasn’t too bad.  The original flavor was traditional white wedding cake with raspberry and lemon filing between the layers and topped with butter cream icing.  YUMYUMYUMYUMYUMYUMYUM!  When we tasted it last night, it was more like three-day-old white boxed cake with HEB icing and raspberry something or other thrown in the mix.  The lemon had disappeared and it wasn’t that moist.  But it did bring back a hint of the memory of how delicious this cake once was, 365 days ago.  If we hadn’t gotten married in a different time zone, I’d be tempted to order a small version of it again.  Alas, I doubt a delicate layered cake would hold up very well during shipping from Florida to Texas.  The hubby and I have talked about returning to our wedding location for a vacation next summer, so maybe I’ll get a duplicate then.

 But for now, here’s a few shots of what the top tier of our wedding cake looked like last night.

 Our Wedding Cake


See the raspberry filing?

 And because you really should see what it originally looked like:




One Response to “A year ago yesterday…”

  1. tara Says:

    congrats on 1 year! glad to hear your post-1 year in the fridge cake came out so good! hubby and i are looking forward to busting into ours at the end of this month.

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