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And so it begins… August 20, 2007

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I seriously have no business starting up a second blog when my first and original blog, Cheaper Than Therapy, is often neglected these days.  Still, I feel compelled to join this foodie blogging world, as it has really gotten me back into my kitchen with gusto and ambition.  And since I’m not too keen on venting my frustrations or sharing my vacation photos with the foodie world at large, I’ve decided that it’s best to start a new space for my foodie musings. 

 I’m also fairly certain that a few of my friends could care less about strategies for keeping your cake moist or your chicken tender.  Regardless of these people’s obvious shortcomings, I think I’ll spare them the details because I’m super thoughtful and kind like that.  But for the rest of you, this should and hopefully will be a regular recording of the new things I try and the old favorites that keep popping up on my table. 

 Happy eating!


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